martes, 30 de octubre de 2007

My vacations

hi everybody..!!
i am so happy on
December 20 of 2007 i am going to travel with my boyfriend on a cruiser GRANDEUR OF THE SEAS of royal caribbean who will be depart from Tampa, Florida
its a 4 Night Western Caribbean Cruise, i am so ready to Sleeping under a palm tree, strolling on endless beaches and eat ice cream while floating in a turquoise sea. i have ready my passport and my bathing suit. on Friday December 21 we will be on Key West, Florida we arrive around 10:00 AM and depart to Cozumel, Mexico at 3:00 PM 'll be there at 10:30 on saturday and depart that day at 08:00 PM to tampa again...
i hope to spend a great weekend and bring a lot of photos for you to see it

martes, 2 de octubre de 2007

My aparment and my dream house

I have a medium size apartment, it’s very nice and comfortable, it has 3 room, 2 bathroom, 1 dinner room, 1 small kitchen and 1 beautiful living room.

My apartment is simple but it has all what I need, it’s on the third floor and it has a beautiful view, it couldn’t be better. It has a big playground where I played so much when I was a kid, it also has 3 courts, 1 big pool and sadly some times it’s a little bit dangerous but I just love my apartment there is not places like home.

My dream house is a white colonial house with blue windows and a beautiful garden, full of all type of flowers, it must have two floors and with 2 beautiful colonial stairs in front of the hall, it should have paints all over the place, I would like it to have 7 bedrooms. One for me and my future husband, 4 for my children, and the other 2 for my parents, when they want to go to visit their grandchildren and for other visitant, I would like to have a small reception

to my president

Dear and sweet president:

I write to you in this opportunity to talk to you about transportation problem, what I believe that is not out of your knowledge. This problem has been worsening public service transportation is really bad these days. Routes are very good but buses and cars, which are used for this service, are in really bad situation. Besides that there are too few buses and cars, that is why people suffer a lot in the moment they need to use them, but need make them pass for all this awful things, long lines to take a car or a bus, and crowded vehicles that are note secure because its capacity is exceeded. This problem has solutions, you only have to listen to people and it needs.

Waiting for you answer

A desperate user

Maria Antonieta Pineda

1er dia

HOY LO CREE =) wiiiiiii!